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City of Lake Shore Broadband

The Broadband Committee meets as needed.  Meetings may be held via conference call or video conference.


The goal of this adhoc committee is to fulfill the goal of equal broadband access for all Lake Shore property owners.


Grant Application NOT Approved

The MN Broadband Development Grant application submitted by the city of Lake Shore with Charter/Spectrum was not approved, due to a TDS challenge. Due to this challenge, the city of Lake Shore will not eligible for any MN Broadband Development grant funds for 18 months.  


Fortunately, new funding opportunities for broadband infrastructure are being explored, both through MN DEED and federal programs.


Star Link

StarLink, a low orbit satellite service, is expected to be available to area residents in 2021, and is expected to provide consistent speeds of 150 Mbps.


Coming Soon: Tips for Improving Internet Speeds

The Broadband Committee is putting together a fact sheet on simple steps any resident can do to help increase their internet speeds. Though none of the ideas will magically make high-speed internet a reality for everyone, every little step that is taken can help make the best of what service you currently do have. Check back later this Spring for the Fact Sheet right here.



State of Minnesota



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