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  • City of Lake Shore

Congrats to Lake Shore Voters

We certainly seem to enjoy elections in Lake Shore and we sure vote in them like crazy. In our recent November election, out of a population of roughly 1100 people, we had 865 registered voters when the polls opened.

During the day, an additional 38 residents came into Lake Shore’s city hall to register to vote, with the good help of City Clerk Patti McDonald. This gave us a total of 903 registered voters who exercised their right to help their candidates by voting this year. This record turnout puts Lake Shore once up near the top of percentage of voters in Cass County; keep up the good work.

As we wrap up the political season, please remember to remove your remaining political yard signs, banners, and flags. State law regulates how long these things can remain in place, requiring their removal within ten (10) days of election day.

Thanks to all for your cooperation.


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